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About Us

Conveniently located on the South Shore of nearby Nassau County , Oceanside has established itself as one of the preeminent orthodox communities in the New York metropolitan area.At the heart of our community is the Young Israel of Oceanside, a thriving, vibrant kehilah of two-hundred families.

Why Oceanside ?

All of us who live here chose Oceanside from a variety of communities. We wanted a well-established, vibrant community, with a rich history of accomplishments.

  • A community which is warm, "haimish," unpretentious and down to earth.
  • A community where shul members are not just numbers--where neighbors reach out to each other.
  • A community which is in touch with proper priorities and values--where Torah, chessed and midos are a natural part of every day life.
  • A community which provides a positive environment for our intellectual and spiritual enrichment and for the development of our children.
  • Perhaps what best illustrates the quality of Oceanside is its unparalleled support system. In times of joy, we dance with our friends and neighbors. And in times of crisis, we stand together in support and consolation.


Want To Know More About Us?

Take a close look at our website and at all of the activities and services we offer, including an abundance of minyanim, shiurim, youth programs, yeshivos and local food establishments. Read our Info-Pack. Ask us questions. Best of all, spend a Shabbos or two with us. We'll show off our shul, our homes and, most importantly, our warmth and hospitality.

The extended Oceanside family is made up of
people who truly care about one another 
and who will care about you.


Wed, January 22 2020 25 Teves 5780